Guitar Hero Game Helps Fuel Interest In Classic Rock

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The rock start wannabe video game “Guitar Hero” has been enjoying enormous popularity in recent years and in addition to providing hours of entertainment for gamers and providing fodder for an episode of South Park, the game is also helping to revive interest in some classic rock groups that the game has featured.

The interest is reflected in a very noticeable increase sales of songs that were chosen to be a part of the game. For example, Cheap Tricks hit song “Surrender” sold 58,000 digital copies during 2006 which soared to 161,000 in 2007.guitar-hero

Other groups benefited as well with Kiss tune “Strutter” increasing from 11,000 copies sold to 63,000. The Pretenders benefited as well, with an increase in sales from 5,000 to 16,000 for their “Tattooed Love Boys.”

Some groups are also noticing an increase in the number of younger people showing up for their classic rock performances, thanks to “Guitar Hero.” Kansas guitarist Rich Williams reports that “the front row of almost every show we did was filled with young teenagers. It’s all due to that. It’s brought us a whole new fan base.”

If any classic group is currently poised to enjoy a resurgence of interest in their music as a result of “Guitar Hero,” Aerosmith has to be that group. It was recently announced that a new version of the game called “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith,” is forthcoming and will feature only the music of the legendary Boston-based rockers.

In addition to the better-known Aerosmith tracks that fans might expect to appear in the game, there will also be some of the group’s more obscure and possibly forgotten songs included as well.

Aerosmith cooperated and contributed extensively to the creation of the new game and even helped developed some of the ideas that will help gamers enjoy the rock star experience. The game is expected to arrive in stores this June.

For more information, visit USA Today.

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