ZZ Top, Pretenders And Stray Cats Team Up For Tour

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Well, this article explained it as “one of the strangest tour packages we’ve seen this year,” and I cannot say I would disagree with that statement.cat This is not a trio I would expect to see on tour together, but I guess anything can happen.

Stray Cats is a group my wife has been fond of, in fact, I think she even has one of their tapes or CDs or something, but I really don’t care for them too much. Ditto for the Pretenders, but I surely have more fondness for ZZ Top. Especially when it comes to  “Cheap Sunglasses” and “LaGrange” — two of my favorite songs.

The article I mentioned above also lists the tour dates for this unlikely collection of groups, which apparently starts on July 19 in Chicago and ends on August 26 in Portland, Oregon.

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