Alice Cooper Chats With Japanese Newspaper

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With a couple of shows scheduled in Japan, Alice Cooper recently spent a little time on the telephone with a reporter for a Japanese newspaper. Fortunately for fans that don’t speak Japanese, there is an English version of the piece available.

One topic that has been coming up lately when we hear about Alice Cooper is the invitation that does not appear to be coming from the Rock alice-cooper And Roll Hall of Fame for him. This is something he does not seem too concerned about it, saying “There’s a bunch of good bands that aren’t in.” I certainly would not argue that point.

One fact I was not aware of that was revealed in the article is that Alice Cooper is a “true Christian” who studies “the Book,” as he puts it. Although I had mentioned in a previous post that Cooper seemed like a decent guy after seeing him on a talk show, I was not aware he was a religious man.

I suppose it has to do with his reputation as a “shock rocker” and the general dark nature of his performances that make it a surprise to hear that he is a practicing Christian.

Cooper also talks a bit about his longevity in the industry and even makes an amusing remark about Mick Jagger, saying that Jagger started wearing eye makeup after he saw Cooper doing it.

No Alice Cooper story would be complete without the mention of golf, a pastime that Cooper describes as being “as addictive as alcohol.” No doubt much healthier for the liver as well, I suspect.

Alice Cooper performs in Tokyo on March 25 and Osaka on March 27.

For the full article, check out the Daily Yomiuri.

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