Better Late Than Never For Late Arrivals To AC/DC Show

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Some speculated that the show could outsell the 2005 Rolling Stones show. AC/DC’s show at the same venue – Magnetic Hill in Moncton, New Brunswick – was the first outdoor concert of that magnitude since the Stones drew about 78,000 fans four years ago.

Among predictions of an “AC/DC Flu” epidemic, the Australian hard rockers rolled into Moncton to much fanfare for their show last night. Some fans, however, made last-minute plans to attend and found themselves locked out when they were unable to purchase tickets.

A short while later, security officials learned that controlling crowds at outdoor venues can be more difficult than the more typical indoor venues.

After waiting outside for some time after the show began, some fans decided to try their luck at getting in for free and began to scale the fence surrounding the venue. Although it may sound like a poor strategy, it actually worked.

Concerned that the fence-jumpers would be injured, police and security personnel decided to open the gates and allow the assembled crowd of fans to enter and enjoy the remainder of the concert for free. With reported ticket sales of 55,000 and a crowd of 60,000 expected to show up, there was certainly the potential for a lot of disappointment among fan who were excluded.

Things appear to have ended far better for the excluded fans than they likely expected. It’s not every day that you get in free to see one of the world’s hottest rock shows. There were no injuries reported among the fence-jumpers, so I guess it’s safe to say that the event ended well for all.

Check out the CBC for more on this story.

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