Brian May Loves Aerosmith

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Wow. If I were one of the guys in Aerosmith, I’d be feeling pretty proud these days. Brian May caught their act at Hyde Park (in the U.K.) and from all appearances, May was blown away.

He writes about it on his web site under a section he calls “Bri’s Soapbox,” and he does not hold back when it comes to sharing his feelings about Aerosmith.

Among other things, May writes: “I loved every second.  The most joyous thing about them is that they did NOT become SHOW-BIZ – they did NOT lose their roots.” He also says: “There will never be a rock group more all-round great than Aerosmith IMHO.

Coming from a fine musician like May says a lot about Aerosmith. To be out there after all these years and still getting the job done right is admirable. How easy it must be to take the low road and use some of the shortcuts that are being used these days. And still collect the same paycheck! Kudos to Aerosmith for doing it the old fashioned way and doing it right.

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    Brian May Loves Aerosmith

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