Led Zeppelin Reunion Rumors Unfounded?

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When it comes to a good rumor, I guess the music biz can compete with just about any industry. The rumors swirling around recently about a Led Zeppelin reunion show and a world tour have apparently been shot down by none other than Robert Plant.

Hinting that the boys may be a bit too advanced it years, Plant joked that there would not be enough doctors to support such and endeavor.

It’s not looking to good for this rumor at the moment, but stranger things have happened, so who knows what the future holds.


  1. Bill July 8, 2007 at 8:55 pm

    There seems to be three interpretations to Robert Plant’s recent comment “There wouldn’t be enough doctors to support a new Zeppelin tour”: 1.As stated above that the band is so aged and physically decrepit that it would take an army of doctors continuously injecting them with drugs to get them through such a tour. Nope. They’re all in great shape. Jimmy looked very fit at The British Rock Hall of Fame Awards. 2. Only highly paid doctors would be able to afford the ticket prices. Nope. Zeppelin’s into music, not money (they’ve always kept ticket prices reasonable, a policy first started by Peter Grant) 3. The amount of overdoses and riot casualties in each stadium would overwhelm local medical facilities. Yes, of course! Robert is very concerned about the safety of his fans and given the enormity of a Zeppelin tour he is worried that many of the fans will get too carried away and O.D., or that riots will break out in the crowd and innocent people will be injured. Zeppelin has a reputation for violence that they simply don’t deserve. The horrible incidents in Tampa and Milan were not the band’s fault, nor were the fan rampages in Houston and Miami which resulted in almost a million dollars in damages. 72 people were hospitalized in Tampa after an insane riot broke out resulting in Led Zeppelin being permanently banned from playing there ever again, a ban which still stands today. They can play there as Page&Plant etc., but never will “Led Zeppelin” be allowed to return. In Milan the fans and the band itself were attacked with tear gas and billy clubs by sadistic cops. When Robert says there wouldn’t be enough doctors to treat the wounded, he has a very legitimate concern. And while some have speculated that Jimmy Page’s occult dabblings have turned the band into a magnet for destruction and mayhem, John Paul Jones remains in denial, “This kind of shit doesn’t usually happen at rock concerts.” Okay, so they beat Matzorkis to a bloody pulp in Oakland, but he was harassing Peter Grant’s son and asked for it! Zeppelin will have too bring in Johnny Binyon and his boys to provide proper security at these huge concerts, in much the same way Jagger employed The Hell’s Angels to take care of any problems at Altamont. Also, Zeppelin would be wise to hold the mortgage and self-promote these shows, cutting out Ticket Master and unnecessary middle-man promoters, and giving the fans general admission tickets at a fair prices. When you’re Led Zeppelin you can do these things! The only promoter they need is their manager RICHARD COLE! Anyone who doubts Jason Bonham’s abilties needs to get a copy of UFO’s DVD SHOWTIME.

    Well all the fun to have, to live the dreams we always had.
    Well all the songs to sing, when we at last return again.

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