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For me Journey is the quintessential classic rock band. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t have a good explanation for that statement — it’s just more of a feeling I suppose. And, although I don’t consider myself a huge Journey fan, I’ve enjoyed most of their stuff since their glory days back in the 80’s.

Although it’s hard for many classic rock groups to stand the test of time, Journey has managed to accomplish that even in the face of some pretty major changes. The most notable being the departure of lead singer Steve Perry.

What I find most amazing is that they managed to locate what I think is about the best possible "Steve Perry Clone" available by hiring Steve Augeri to replace Mr. Perry. And I don’t intend for that to be an insult to Steve Augeri.

It just so happens that Augeri’s voice is remarkably similar to Steve Perry’s and I regard that is a brilliant move on the band’s part. It’s almost as if Perry left and the band did not miss a beat.

I’m also please to see that the band has not lost their knack to turn out decent music as well. I don’t have any of their very latest material, but I do have "Arrival" and for me, every song on the album makes for good listening.

It’s great to see a classic stadium band like this continuing to turn out new music and continue touring.

A recent article in the Wichita Eagle takes a look at the band and their enduring fans.

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