Classic Rock Briefs For November 4, 2008

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Alfred Publishing Named Exclusive Licensing Agent For Led Zeppelin Catalog

Alfred Publishing has been selected by Led Zeppelin to be the exclusive licensing agent for both its physical and digital print rights for their legendary catalog of songs. The territory defined in the deal is worldwide, excluding Europe.

“The single most exciting day in my life was going to London to meet with the gods of rock, Led Zeppelin.  To be in a room with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones was almost more then I could take, I couldn’t sleep for two days prior to the meeting, needless to say, I was freaking out!!!  The best part of the meeting was to find out that Led Zeppelin shared our passion and vision for helping people experience the joy of making music.  We are so honored here at Alfred to use our position and expertise as the world’s leading educational music publisher in concert with Led Zeppelin to help encourage more people to make music,” said Ron Manus, Alfred’s Executive Vice President. Full Story.

Springsteen Daughter Was Born To Ride

As her parents and brothers proudly looked on, Jessica Springsteen took top honors in the ASPCA Maclay Championship at the Syracuse Sporthorse Invitational Tournament Featuring The 125th National Horse Show. Here at RRN, we don’t know a whole lot about equestrian matters, but it sounds like an impressive accomplishment.

“Jess has worked so hard ever since she was young. It is amazing to see young girls and boys her age with the kind of adult discipline it takes to achieve something like that,” said dad “The Boss” Springsteen. Full Story.

Neil Peart Takes Drum LessonsBuddy Rich

Now if there’s any rock drummer in the known universe who we could safely assume does not need drum lessons, there’s a good chance it would be Neil Peart of Rush. Well, as part of his commitment to perform as part of a Buddy Rich tribute last month.

I make no secret of the fact that I am a big Rush fan, and I think I’m as much a fan of the guys that are in the band as I am of their music. To see someone like Neil Peart – who is considered a rock drumming God to many – share his personal experience about performing in that tribute show, and admitting to the world how terrified he was is a testament to the man’s humility – something I have always admired in human beings that have achieved great things.

Peart reveals other facts — like his willingness to take drum lessons in order to improve is swing skills — that just reinforce his reputation as a rock star who does not act like a rock star. He just seems like he’d be a great guy to have as a next-door neighbor. Before get carried away and start proposing the formation of the “Neil Peart Admiration Society,” I’ll just encourage you to check out his latest update for yourself.

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