Classic Rock Round-Up

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You can listen to a new Don Henley audio interview on KSCS web site where, as you might suspect, Henley talks about the band’s new album and how it came about. Like the rest of us middle-aged folks, the Eagles have different priorities these days compared to their early days and have to consider family obligations when touring or working on a new album.

Bon Jovi is scheduled to appear on Saturday Night Live next weekend with Jon Bon Jovi doing double duty and hosting the show as well. Bon Jovi fans will want to program their Tivos, DVRs or whatever they might have to catch the October 13 show.

Alex Lifeson of Rush has reportedly revealed that the current Snakes & Arrows tour will be extended into 2008 with new dates for shows in Atlantic City, New England, Canada, New Orleans, New Mexico, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mississippi. Perhaps Lifeson and Geddy Lee twisted Neil Peart’s arm a bit to continue on since it sounded to me like Peart was getting a bit tired of touring if the last entry on his web site is an indication.

Van Halen on the road. Most of the reports coming in from the Van Halen shows have been pretty favorable. Diamond Dave is reported to be in fine voice and hitting the notes like it was 1982 all over again. The other two original members, brothers Eddie and Alex Van Halen are also said to be playing great. Eddie’s son, Wolfgang, appears to be holding up his end of the deal well enough, although he lacks the showmanship skills of his seasoned band mates.

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