Plant Shoots Down Led Zeppelin Reunion Rumors. Again.

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Much the way he did a few months back, Robert Plants is once again dashing the hopes of fans who would love to see a full-blown Zep reunion tour become a reality.

plant Not too long ago, Plant made some comments about their upcoming show at London’s O2 arena and took that opportunity to say that the group intends the O2 show to be the one last great show. In the same breath he added that some of the previous shows have been “crap.”

This latest attempt to squash reunion rumors have still not stopped fan speculation that the denials are just the lead-in to the announcement of a full-blown reunion world tour.

We seem to be living in the golden age of classic rock reunions these days, so who knows what might happen? With big names like Van Halen and The Police jumping on the reunion train, one might expect that the temptation could be compelling if the O2 show goes particularly well.

With a reported 20 million fans that attempted to score tickets for that show, it is easy to see what a huge money-maker a reunion tour would be. That begs the question, however, do the boys from Led Zeppelin really need it at this point?

After witnessing the on-again-off-again developments with the Van Halen reunion that played out over the last few years, nothing would surprise me. My personal feeling is that a Led Zeppelin reunion tour is a possibility, despite what Plant says. However, as I stated previously, I think it might depend a great deal on how well the O2 show comes off.

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