Frank Zappa’s Music Lives Again

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I don’t know all that much about Frank Zappa other than he was the guy that named his kids Dweezil and Moon Unit and had some cool music that I heard on the radio once in a while.

Even so, it was interesting to see that his son Dweezil has spent the last two years preparing himself to breathe new life into his father’s music by taking it out on the road with the new band he has assembled.

Frank Zappa’s music is probably considered a bit “out there” by a lot of folks, and despite the unusual lyrics and music that was well outside the mainstream, I was always impressed by the level of musicianship that Zappa and his band demonstrated.

Apparently, son Dweezil is no less demanding about the musicians he will be taking on tour with him to perform Frank’s music.

He has managed to round up Napoleon Murphy Brock, one of Dad’s original vocalists (among other things), guitarist Steve Vai and, most impressive to me, Terry Bozzio, a phenomenal drummer whose talent I have admired for quite a long time.

Although not all that well known, the two albums that Bozzio made with Tony Levin and Steve Stevens a while back are just amazing and highly recommended.

There’s a good write-up on this in the Boston Globe if you would like to read more about this.

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