Future of Aerosmith Tour Still Uncertain

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In the midst of what might be the most injury-plagued rock tour in history, the future of the current Aerosmith tour is in question – something that frustrates guitarist Joe Perry, and probably the rest of the group as well. Perry has been the one talking publicly about the tour and keeping himself busy with side projects.

In a recent talk with Billboard, Perry details some of his frustration with the state of the tour, and hopes that Tyler’s injuries are not serious. Describing the experience so far, Perry says “It hasn’t really felt like a tour,” and goes on to talk about how well it had been going, and that he felt the group was building up to “the best show and best tour we’ve done in a long time.”

Despite the numerous medical issues that have been derailing their plans recently, Perry sounds confident that Aerosmith will be playing for some time to come. “there’s no reason why we can’t keep playing until we can’t walk. You have to know that you can’t do certain things anymore.”

Lord knows it can be difficult to come to terms with the fact that we should slow down as we start easing into our later years. But that may be the key to keeping things going for groups like Aerosmith that have been rocking for nearly four decades. It’s hard to fault Steven Tyler for making an effort to entertain his fans during a break in the show due to a sound system malfunction, but dancing on a rain-slicked catwalk probably wasn’t something a 61-year-old guy should be doing.

As much as it may hurt, it’s time for Tyler to start playing it safe, and I think the majority of his fans will forgive him for that. Especially the ones that have been fans from the beginning. After all, we’re all in this together, this aging thing. And when you consider the lifestyle choices many of these guys made during the early years of their careers, it’s pretty impressive to see them still rocking on stage instead of in rocking chairs.

Joe Perry seems like the type that won’t be letting any moss grow beneath his feet. His tour bus is rolling on. He’s got a new album to promote and has also been making some surprise guest appearances here and there. He sat in with Jimmy Buffett and with Jane’s Addiction at Lollapalooza recently, and took part in the rhythm guitar extravaganza that can be seen below.

Perry’s new album, Have Guitar, Will Travel certainly seems to be a true reflection on the way he lives his life because that’s exactly what the man is doing.

For more, check out Billboard.

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