Geddy Lee Endorses Orange Bass Amps

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Rush has been making news lately with plans for a new tour, release of new singles and potential legal problems as a result of possible copyright infringement.

Although that last bit of news may be a bit negative when compared with the other good stuff that’s been happening with Rush, this latest development will be considered positive by fans of Orange guitar and bass amplifiers.

As a drum geek, I can’t say what kind of bass amp Geddy Lee used prior to his recent switch to Orange. I’m sure those who care that much about it already know the answer. But I do know that Orange is a well-respected name in amplifiers. I’ve seen the unmistakable orange-colored amp heads and cabinets on stage with artists from AC/DC to ZZ Top.

I can recall the day when my brother used an Orange guitar amp, although he was also quite fond of the Vox AC30. In discussing Geddy Lee’s switch to Orange, my brother imagined fondly the coupling of an Orange head with a Vox cabinet, and was confident that it would produce an enviable guitar sound.

Neither myself of my brother have played for many years, but a kit to bang around on for fun, and a place to set it up and not disturb my spouse is definitely on my “bucket list.”

With Geddy Lee considered by many to be one of rock’s best bass players, his endorsement of Orange bass amps is bound to prompt both professional and amateur bassists to take a look at Orange, if it is something they had not previously considered.

As reported by Orange, Lee will be using an Orange AD200 bass head with an OBC41 4×10” bass cabinet during their upcoming Time Machine tour.

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  1. JD June 7, 2010 at 4:57 am

    For the last several tours he hasn’t used an amp proper at all. Just went direct from the board. Not the best bass guitar sound IMHO, so glad to hear he’s using some actual amps again.

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