Interview With Aerosmith’s Tom Hamilton

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Having just returned from a tour that put Aerosmith in front of fans in some pretty exotic locations, the group’s bass guitarist, Tom Hamilton made himself available for an interview.

Among the things Hamilton said that I found most interesting were regarding the great reception the Boston-based rockers received in places like India, with fans that were obviously very familiar with the group’s work.

I’m always amazed to hear things like that. It always kind of surprises me to hear again about people on the other side of the world, who have a very different culture, and live so differently that we do are so familiar with our music and our movies and whatnot. I guess it demonstrates the enormous power and influence our entertainment industry has all around the world.

Hamilton also talks a little bit about his bout with cancer last year and reports that he seems to be free of it and is in good health these days.

Asked about how the band has managed to stay together for so many years with the original members, Hamilton points to his role within the group as a kind of peace maker and goes on to talk about how everyone has their own important role to play within the group and how that has kept them together for so long.

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