Interview With Scorpions Frontman Klaus Meine

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The more I hear the Scorpions and read their interviews, the more I like those world-famous German rockers. I see a lot of interviews with various rock groups showing up here and there, and if there were an award for the most interviews, I’d have to nominate the Scorpions for the top honors. They really seem to make an effort to stay in touch with their fans on a regular basis.

The latest interview is with lead vocalist Klaus Meine and can be found on the Metal Express Radio website.

Although I cannot count the Scorpions as one of my all-time favorites, one thing I really like about them is that their stuff is just so damn ‘listenable’ for me.

The other day I was having a little trouble deciding what I wanted to listen to. I just wanted a break from my usual selections and decided to load up the player with all of the Scorpions stuff I have — about eight albums worth.

I listened to all of those albums straight through and was hard pressed to find a single track that I really disliked. There might have been two or three I did not care much for but that was it. They’re just good, solid rockers if you ask me.

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