Led Zeppelin O2 Show Video

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Not surprisingly, there were a bunch of fans at last night’s O2 Show in London with video cameras and many of them, not surprisingly again, uploaded their content to YouTube.

Most of the video I saw was from quite a distance away from the stage and therefore, not very satisfying. I did manage to find some fan footage that was fairly close and those are the first in the collection you will find below.

The major news outlets had the best footage for obvious reasons. They were allowed to use some snippets that were obviously done professionally, which let’s the cat out of the bag a bit regarding a future DVD.

Here are three I considered worth a look.

The little bit I was able to hear reasonably well by way of the videos on YouTube sounded pretty damn good. A lot of what I heard seemed to be a bit quicker in tempo that the original recordings, and that could be in part due to Jason Bonham’s nervousness, which was reported to be quite significant just before the show started. That can speed a drummer up for sure.

And I’m not blaming the guy! Anyone sitting on stage for that event could not be criticized for being nervous. Hell, I’d probably be shaking too hard to even play anything.

Who knows? It may have been up-tempo a bit by design for all I know. After all, it was a live show.

It’s hard to be sure with what little bit of good-quality video currently available, but I’d have to say it looked like one hell of a show and the old boys (and the not-so-old boy) seemed to pull it off extraordinarily well.

Update: One of these videos has been removed already and it’s quite possible that others will be removed as well as record companies complain to YouTube about them.

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