Backstage Banter Furthers Led Zeppelin Tour Rumors

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There are reports from someone backstage at the O2 Show Monday regarding some conversation between Led Zeppelin members and whether or not the tidbits overheard are a sure sign of a tour.

According to the report, they were “fired up” and were talking about image the group’s original drummer, John Bonham, and speculating about what he might have thought of the current situation.

Talk then reportedly turned to what their next move might be and there was even a little bit of talk about playing at Madison Square Garden. A venue the group had sold out three shows back in 1973.

It is believed that a major factor in any decision for the band to continue performing together would be their feelings regarding the performance at the O2 Show. Since both the band and the fans seemed to have been quite thrilled with the experience, this seems to provide a significant bit of weight in the “Yes” column.

At this point, I’m going to be very surprised if we do not hear about a major Led Zep tour soon. At the very least, I would expect a limited tour of some major venues in the United States. This train seems to be gathering momentum and it seems to me it would be hard to stop it in its tracks now.

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