Led Zeppelin Reunion Show Reviews And Reports

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As you might expect, many reviews and reports are showing up on various web sites. Looks like most of these reports are very positive. Many fans are reporting the event as the event of a lifetime.

Let’s cut to the chase! Here are some I managed to find:

NME Get’s Fan Reaction
Reuters Reports From The Show
Associated Press Report
CBS News
Chicago Sun Times

Some of these sites are busy collecting reviews from concert attendees and these should be starting to show up very soon.

I thought it was amusing to read something from a report I stumbled upon earlier in the day regarding the band’s request for certain items they wanted for their dressing rooms at the O2 arena.

Unlike the Led Zeppelin from days of old, the boys were not requesting things you might expect a decadent group of high-profiles rockers would be requesting.

As I recall, the “new” Led Zeppelin was requesting things like an ironing board and some tea. You just gotta love it. Rock on, Zep!

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