More Reunion Rumors: Led Zeppelin This Time?

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As with most mega-bands that break up, rumors of a Led Zeppelin reunion have swirled around for years. This time, Canadian rock station Q107 reportedly has information from Zep bassist John Paul Jones that the members of the band are actually considering it.

The story about the break-up of the band and their reasons for not wanting to get back together are reportedly due to the desires of the remaining band members to leave the late John Bonham on record as the one and only drummer for the group known as Led Zeppelin.

With these new reunion rumors it certainly makes one wonder if the surviving members now regret using that particular reason as the one that kept them from re-forming the band.

I have to think that a Led Zeppelin reunion would be massively profitable for the band members. Classic rock seems hot right now among the kids today and I don’t know how many times I have seen a teenager out in public or on TV sporting a Led Zep T-shirt lately.

Like most classic rock fans, I would love to see the band get back together. It would certainly be interesting to see what a newly-formed Led Zeppelin would sound like.

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