New Queen Song To Be Available As Free Download

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Joining for only the second recoding session since the death of singer Freddie Mercury, Queen was recently in the studio with former Bad Company veteran Paul Rodgers to put the finishing touches on a brand new song to be released tomorrow.

The new track, “Say It’s Not True,” will feature Rodgers on vocals with Queen guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor joining him at the studio microphone.

In what seems to be a new trend in this day of digital downloads, the single will be offered free of charge for anyone who cares to download it.

The group hopes that the release of the Taylor-written single will help further the efforts of Nelson Mandela’s campaign for AIDS awareness. A subject that may be very close to Taylor and May after lead singer Freddie Mercury’s death from AIDS back in 1991.

This is Queen’s first known studio session since 1997 when the group rejoined to record a tribute to Freddie Mercury called “No One But You.”

For more details, visit Reuters.

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