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As anticipation builds for London’s O2 Show on December 10, more Zep-related news is trickling out. From Led Zeppelin fantasy camp to inside news from their early rehearsals, there has been no shortage of rumors and happenings to feed the appetites of hungry Zeppelin fans.

Taking the concept of rock fantasy camps to a new level, an outfit in England called RockMasters is offering a weekend at a country hotel where guests can live out their rock ‘n’ roll dreams for £750 (about image$1500)

Among other things, this fantasy weekend offers gourmet meals(including Jack Daniels ice cream!), music lessons from the likes of Mike Hurst and Clem Cattini and a chance to showcase their newly-acquired skills onstage with a top-notch Led Zeppelin tribute band backing them up.

The organizers are even considering activities like throwing televisions out of upper-story windows to give their guests that true rock ‘n’ roll bad-boy experience.

The organizers have reserved the entire hotel for the event so there will be no worries about offending or otherwise disturbing other guests who may not be as interested in the rock lifestyle as the attendees.

For more on this story visit The Sun.

In other news, there are some details emerging with regard to the first rehearsal session that brought the original members of Led Zeppelin together with John Bonham’s son Jason for the first time.

Going into the rehearsal a bit on the nervous side (and who would blame him?), Bonham happily discovered that the group clicked almost right away and cranked out Zep classic “No Quarter” as if the original members had never been apart.

Following “Kashmir,” singer Robert Plant and guitarist Jimmy Page were so thrilled that they embraced after Page asked Plant for a hug. Who says old rockers don’t soften a bit with age?

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