Now You See Him, Now You Don’t: The Magic of Steven Tyler

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The recent surprise appearance at one his live gigs in NYC may have left Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry wondering if his former “toxic twin,” Steven Tyler, may have been concealing his skills as a magician, but even if the aging frontman does not deserve that much credit, he sure has been successful at confounding fans and the media regarding what his status is within the ranks for Aerosmith.

Perry admitted to being shocked when Tyler showed up unannounced at a show in NYC where Perry was performing with his own group, the Joe Perry Project. Perry, later saying that Tyler was the last person he expected to see that evening, allowed Tyler to join in with the group for a rendition of the Aerosmith classic, “Walk This Way.” Tyler also seized the opportunity to announce to the audience that he was not leaving Aerosmith.

Since then, various other rumors and speculation about the situation have surfaced. There was a lot of buzz about the concern that the other members of the group are said to have for Tyler’s well being, suggesting that he may have fallen under the spell of substance abuse again.

Over the weekend, we’ve heard from a few more people who want to vent a little, or who claim to have some inside information on what’s really going on with Aerosmith.

A source claiming to be close to Joe Perry says that the rumors claiming Aerosmith has been seeking a replacement for Steven Tyler are not accurate. The rumors had developed to the point where names were even being tossed around. The group was said to be bringing in a guy from Venezuela named Paul Gillman for an audition. The alleged source claims that he has never heard of the guy.

Also checking in and sharing her thoughts is Tyler daughter, Mia, who, following what seems to be a new celeb trend of tweeting comments directly to fans, vented a bit and said that her dad’s band mates gossiping on Twitter was uncalled for. So far we have not heard anything out of Liv, but perhaps she’s busy with acting or something.

Finally, we hear from a representative for the man himself. A Tyler insider says that the whole flap is not a big deal, and that Tyler is just taking a little time off to continue recovering from the injuries he sustained in the infamous stage fall, and that he also has plans to work on his autobiography.

Previously it was believed that Tyler was planning to take a two-year break from the band, but now we are hearing from the Tyler rep that his time away from Aerosmith “won’t be substantial.” Let’s see if that quells the rumors a bit now, shall we?

Yeah, right, I’m sure that’s the end of it.

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