Queen And Paul Rodgers Set To Rock The Cosmos

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That might be the impression one would get by looking at the artwork that was recently revealed for their new album. By the way, the album is entitled The Cosmos Rocks. You don’t suppose that title and artwork have anything to do with Brian May’s interest in astronomy, do you?

the-cosmos-rocks Either May is the member who wears the pants in the group, or has convinced his band mates that astronomy and the cosmos and all that stuff is pretty cool.

I have to admit, that it is a pretty nice-looking album cover, and after all, who cannot be amazed by the vastness of the universe and all the mystery that goes along with it.

Although The Cosmos Rocks is not scheduled for release until October 14 here in North America and October 15 in the U.K. a single from the new album called “C-lebrity” is scheduled for release on September 8, and has already logged some airtime on U.K. radio. For those who have not heard the new track and simply cannot wait any longer, it is available by way of the group’s “Album Club.”

Of the new album, the group had this to say when asked about what fans can expect: “People really, truly playing together in the studio – you don’t get that much these days. But, you will get it on the new Queen and Paul Rodgers album.”


  1. Layla August 5, 2008 at 8:28 pm

    Great news. I am trying not to get my hopes to high but I do like Paul Rodgers. Its just not the same without Freddie.

    Laylas last blog post..Maroon Five – Want to go see them?

  2. Real Rock News August 5, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    Yeah, I have to agree about Freddie.

    Although I did catch Queen & Paul Rodgers on TV doing a show somewhere and it was actually pretty decent.

    They were pretty good about showing Freddie’s memory some respect as well by putting up some images of him on the big screen behind the stage during the show.

  3. Barbot August 7, 2008 at 5:36 pm

    Well I am from Uruguay,South America,I hope that Queen, the most greatest band for me,Give us a Great and fresh album with Paul,of course is not the same without Freddie. was UNIQUE.But sadly he´s dead since november 91.
    I think the new material of queen + paul rodgers could be good if brian and roger do what they do in the mercury times.
    The cover of the album is fantastic,full of creative things i like too much the cover.
    About the songs: I don´t know,I her Say it´s not true, and i like it, and the recently new single C-lebrity i hear in youtube and sounds something like the who in the chorus or some like that.

    C´MON QUEEN still been my favourite band ever

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