Real Rock News For May 31, 2007

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Speaking of Aerosmith, they are currently touring in the Middle East for the first time and will be heading next for India.

This summer’s concerts have a lot to offer for classic rock fans. Among the shows going on the road are Def Leppard with Styx and Foreigner, Charlie Daniels Band with Marshall Tucker Band and The Outlaws as well as ZZ Top with The Pretenders, and the Stray Cats. Last, but certainly not least, one of my all-time favorite classic rock bands, Rush, is also on tour. For more information, check out this article.

I have not posted any comments on Rush’s new album Snakes And Arrows for two reasons. First, there are a bunch of other folks out there doing that already and secondly, I’m not big on album reviews because, basically, who the hell cares if I, or any number of other jokers out there posting reviews like it or not. If you are a Rush fan, you probably have it already and have been listening to it as I have. By the way, I do like it and that probably does not mean a whole lot coming from someone who has a hard time imagining a Rush album that I would not like.

This September will see the release of Ann Wilson’s first solo album. Heart has been a favorite of mine since way back when I first started to get interested in music and Ann is one of my all-time favorite female vocalists. I caught a Heart concert on the Rave channel recently and although it was fun to see the Wilson sisters perform and to hear some of the old songs, the whole thing just did not have the “feel” of Heart to me, which was not unexpected with all the new people that have been part of the band through the years. Check out Heart’s official web site for more info on Ann Wilson’s solo album.

I remember The Police as a good solid band from the 80’s that surely enjoyed their share of FM radio hits. For me they were not a big favorite but on the other hand, when their songs were on the radio I probably never changed station. Anyway, the band is currently on tour and you can get the details on this site.

Eddie Van Halen is out of rehab. He does not have a whole lot to say about it right now but if you would like to see what little bit he did say about it (don’t get your hopes up!), you can check it out here.

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