Ron Wood Rooming With Pete Townshend?

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The British papers are buzzing with news that Rolling Stone guitarist Ron Wood has left rehab, and has been offered a place to stay by none other than Pete Townshend of The Who. Wood has reportedly left rehab where he had been battling his problems with alcohol.

Ron Woood Meanwhile, Wood’s Wife, Jo, was spotted out on the town with Mick Jagger’s ex, Jerry Hall. They attended the GQ Awards together, and it was reported that Jo was determined to forget her troubles for a while and have some fun.

I suppose being married to a rock star surely has its down side, as both Jo Wood and Jerry Hall know all too well. It was Mick Jagger’s repeated episodes of infidelity that allegedly led to his split with Hall in 1999.

There were recent reports that Jo Wood had planned to move to the U.S. and try to put her life back together, but so far she has remained in the U.K. and there has been no further word on a move.

Amid these tales of infidelity involving the Rolling Stones, it is interesting to note that a brand-new study was concluded recently that claims a man’s proclivity to stray is influenced by genetics.

News of this study certainly comes at an opportune time for Ron Wood, but whether or not his alleged affair with young Ekaterina Ivanova had more to do with genes or being a rock star who had fallen off the wagon is something that he’ll have to reconcile with wife Jo if he wants to save his marriage.

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