Ron Wood Wants To Have His Cake And Eat It Too

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Both Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood and his wife of 23 years, Jo, have met with their legal representatives within the last few days, and it is presumed that they are entering the early stages of divorce proceedings.

The 61-year-old rock star, who is estimated to be worth about $70 million, met with his legal team for about four hours yesterday. One might guess that they are working on a plan to protect his assets, but with the well-known support Ron and Jo Wood that his wife Jo has provided with him during their years together, Wood and his lawyers may be in for a tough battle if he plans to fight any large settlements that his wife’s legal team may be counting on.

From all reports, the responsibility for the events that led up to the couple’s current marital problems rest squarely on the shoulders of Ron Wood – a man that appears to be, as the lyrics from the 70’s pop hit go, torn between two lovers.

A recent drinking binge by Wood, who has had more than his share of problems with alcohol in the past, appears to have started the famous couple down this path. He reportedly spent several days at his home in Ireland with his new girlfriend, 20-year-old Ekaterina Ivanova, during his fall from the wagon. He later returned to England and checked himself into rehab.

Although wife Jo was hopeful that he would put an end to what she may have presumed was just an alcohol-fueled fling with a younger woman, Wood was said to have continued seeing Ivanova during his stay in rehab and has been seen with her since his stay in rehab ended.

Wood was quoted as saying that, “I love my wife, but I have a girlfriend and I love her too.”

Not an enviable position for any married man to find himself in.

It is unclear at this point how the issues Wood is dealing with in his personal life will effect his work with the Rolling Stones or the tentative plans he had with Rod Stewart for a Faces reunion that was said to have included some recording time in the studio this fall, and a tour in the winter.

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