Ron Wood’s Young Lover Plagued By The Press

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I guess you have to realize that it comes with the territory. Shacking up with a member of the Rolling Stones is bound to bring swarms of paparazzi and nosy reporters sniffing around and doing their best to dig up some dirt to publish in their tabloid papers, celebrity magazines and websites.

Rock star break-ups attract enough media attention as it is, but in a case like this where a 61-year-old rock legend leaves his wife of 23 years for a 20-year-old Russian beauty, the level of interest by the media is, as Emeril Lagasse might say “kicked up a notch.”

Apparently, the media limelight is starting to unnerve young Ekaterina Ivanova and she reports that the media is intruding on her life and causing her to be terrified to leave her own home.ekaterina-vanova

She also reports that her family has had to endure harassment by the media and is being asked accusatory questions about her daughter’s behavior. Ivanova says her friends are also being blackmailed or offered money to dish up dirt about her and her relationship with Wood.

It must be quite a shock for a regular gal who has been described in the British press as a former cocktail waitress to find herself under the media microscope. Apparently one of the few downsides of the celebrity lifestyle.

Ivanova insists she is not involved with the 61-year-old guitarist for the money, and says she finds it “quite fun to not have money.” Not a statement we have heard a lot from any celebrities in recent memory, or even from the homeless chap on the street corner.

I suppose its possible that she doesn’t find a lot of happiness from material possessions, but it seems that would make her a pretty rare case. Especially since she was spotted with Wood shopping at luxury store Barney’s in New York recently. Not a place you would expect to find a gal who described the lack of money to be an experience that she finds “quite fun.”

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