Rush Gets Down To Business

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The boys from Rush are spending the month of May working out of small, rented studio in Toronto.

After spending some time sharing ideas and cooking gourmet meals for each other at Neil Peart’s place, it sounds like they are getting serious about the production of some new material.

This information comes from Peart’s website, which is interesting reading for Rush fans and probably drummers of every stripe as well.

Peart says he has been listening to Steve Smith’s stuff lately and it has been keeping him humble.

I recognize the name from Smith’s days with Journey, but I never thought of him as a giant among drummers. Perhaps working with Journey’s material was not all that challenging for the guy. I guess I am going to have to check some of his stuff out and see what it’s all about.

I don’t know who the web developer was that talked Peart into such a Flash-heavy site, but I wish they would focus more on the content and less on the eye candy. It is a very sharp-looking site, but all that Flash makes you wonder if you are surfing the web or watching a movie or something.

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