Rush’s Geddy Lee Still Battles Nerves

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Even after a career that spans decades and many live performances, Rush bass player and lead vocalist Geddy Lee reports that there are geddystill certain circumstances that make him nervous about performing live.

Lee revealed recently that he gets a little nervous when he knows the group’s live performance is being recorded for a live album.

Talking with the Winnipeg Sun, Lee says: “There’s always a bit of nerves when you’re recording, even though we played about six million shows and we’ve done so many live recordings that it’s getting ridiculous. When you know that you’re being recorded you want to put your best foot forward.”

Lee also seems a bit baffled about the new Rush documentary that is in the works and seems to find it hard to believe that a filmmaker would find the group interesting enough to base a documentary on.

“A filmmaker thinks that we’re interesting,” Lee says. “We’re doing our best to disappoint.”

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