Springsteen And Bon Jovi To Perform in Denver For DNC Convention

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Update: Despite all the news sources that reported a planned appearance by Bruce Springsteen at the DNC Convention, the Washington Post (8/26/2008) is reporting that they have been informed that “The Boss” will be nowhere near Invesco Field on Thursday.

The Rocky Mountain News is reporting that multiple sources have revealed to the newspaper that Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen are scheduled to perform at Denver’s Invesco Field on the final day of the Democratic National Convention.

Bon Jovi is said to be coming by himself and will perform two acoustic numbers before Senator Barrack Obama Bruce Springsteen And Barrack Obama delivers his acceptance speech on Thursday.

Springsteen is also believed to be making a solo appearance to close out that final day of the convention.

Both Jon Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen are well-known as Democratic activists and have lent their support to other Democratic candidates in the past.

Perhaps a lack of enthusiasm for Democrats or just politics in general might explain the absence of the other band members. Maybe they’re just busy with other activities.

The Rocky Mountain News attempted to contact Springsteen’s organization for comment, but their multiple attempts have not been successful.

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