Springsteen Sticks (Mostly) To Singing At Harley-Davidson Event

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There was some concern how well Bruce Springsteen would be received at the recent Harley-Davidson 105th Anniversary event that came to a conclusion on Sunday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Bruce Springsteen Springsteen, well known for his support of Democrats and their causes, is also known to be someone who isn’t shy about sharing his political opinions while onstage. Considering that Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain was so well received at another motorcycle event not long ago, some wondered whether Springsteen could keep from mixing his politics with his music during his performance at the Harley event.

Playing more than 30 songs and for more than 3 1/2 hours, Springsteen and his E Street Band certainly cannot be accused of short-changing the crowd in Milwaukee. “The Boss,” did, however let a few stray political comments escape during the show.

Commenting about his song “Livin’ in the Future,” Springsteen said that it was about was about what was happening now, including cheese, Harley-Davidson motorcycles, trans fats, “500 channels of nothing on” and the Bill of Rights.

At the same time, he let slip a few comments about wire-tapping, as well as the issue involving the secret transport of terror suspects from one country to another. “Things that basically at the heart are un-American,” he added.

His comments were met with a few groans of disapproval from the audience, but that seemed to be the limit where signs of protest from the motorcycle enthusiasts were concerned.

The Milwaukee show signaled the end of the Magic tour for Springsteen and his band mates, a tour that began last October and was estimated to have entertained more than two million fans.

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