Aerosmith Tour To Resume Tonight Despite New Medical Issues

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The show must go on! It appears that Aerosmith has decided to take those words to heart and resume their tour tonight in Atlanta. The group has had to postpone several dates due to an injury to frontman Steven Tyler that he sustained during a show in Connecticut and resulted in a torn leg muscle.

With Tyler apparently in good enough shape to take the stage again, another member of the veteran rock group will be sitting out for a while. Bassist Tom Hamilton is said to be recovering from “non-invasive surgery.” It is not clear how long Hamilton will be out of action, but during his absence, Aerosmith friend David Hull will hold down his spot until Hamilton is fit to return. Hull is also a member of The Joe Perry Project.

In a strange revolving door-like scenario, guitarist Brad Whitford will return to the fold tonight in Atlanta while Hamilton bows out. Whitford has had to sit out of the current tour due to a potentially serious head injury he suffered while exiting from his car. Fortunately, Whitford recognized the seriousness of his injury and sought medical attention and underwent surgery to alleviate the problem.

Steven Tyler’s daughter Mia reported yesterday that her father was in a cast as a result of his leg injury. I guess the fans in Atlanta will find out of Tyler is well enough to put on a show that measures up to his usual energetic routine or whether he will have to scale things back a bit to avoid re-injuring himself.

The number of illnesses and injuries that have plagued Aerosmith in recent years may be unmatched by any other group to date, and may have some fans wondering if this will be the last opportunity to see the group live.

Three members sidelined due to medical issues at the very start of a tour is quite extraordinary and might have some of them thinking about saying so long to life on the road. Perhaps that’s jumping to conclusions at this point, but unless their luck takes a turn for the better where medical issues are concerned, it may be tough for them to think about more touring in the future.

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