Drummie Number 3 For Rush’s Neil Peart

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For the third year in a row, drummer extraordinaire Neil Peart has been selected as “Drummer of The Year” by fans who took part in Enter Music Publishing’s annual poll. Enter Music Publishing is the company behind DRUM! magazine, which also publishes other percussion-related magazines in forty countries.

In addition to “Drummer of The Year,” Peart also came out on top in the Progressive Rock Drummer competition. Not bad for a guy who is about three years shy of his 60th birthday!

Coming in just behind Peart in the “Drummer of The Year” category is Travis Barker, who has was the the only other drummer with three victories under his belt before this most recent win by Peart.

This latest win, along with the anticipated arrival of his first child with wife Carrie Nuttall should make 2009 an exciting and (very) productive year for Peart. Who, by the way, does not seem to be slowing down much with the passage of time.

Check out the June update on his personal website where he chronicles his hike on on the island of Santa Cruz, in the Channel Islands off the coast of California, where he easily outpaces his hiking buddy.

Currently, Rush is taking a break after completing their two-part Snakes & Arrows tour last summer, but it probably won’t be too long before we begin to hear that they are beginning to work on new material and planning yet another tour.

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