DW’s Neil Peart Video Ads

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This story will probably be of interest only to Rush fans and drum geeks like myself and involves what are essentially commercials for Drum Workshop drums. Peart fans don’t get to see the man doing much of anything beyond performing most of the time, so it was kind of interesting to see him doing these commercials. And how about that Phil Collins haircut!

neil-peart Thanks to the Rush Message Board, I was able to locate these well-done videos on the Drum Workshop site and I enjoyed watching them.

Admittedly, I am a DW fan myself. Not because I have played them, but because I have heard enough good things about them from other drummers over the years and I have determined that whenever I purchase another kit someday (just for fun), it will probably be a DW kit. Unless I sit down at a DW kit and just don’t like them for some reason, of course.

As you might expect, Peart talks a lot about his own experience with his DW kit and he genuinely seems sold on the brand. I must admit I have a little bit of trouble believing that the VLT snare is exactly the right snare for every situation, but I’d be willing to give one a try if DW wants to ship one to me!

I picture my DW kit similar to Neil Peart’s kit but nowhere near as large. I like the red, although I prefer a darker shade and I’m not too crazy about the additional Snakes & Arrows designs on the shells. A bit too busy for my personal taste.

I was actually a bit surprised how well Neil did in front of the camera doing a little acting work. Maybe it’s his proximity to Hollywood these days, but whatever the reason, I think it came off quite well. I suspect it sure isn’t going to hurt DW’s business much to get such a convincing endorsement from someone like Neil Peart.

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