Forthcoming Book Creating Rift Between Rolling Stones Legends

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They are often billed as “tell-all” works – a provocative description for sure, and one that probably doesn’t hurt sales much either. Whether or not the row now brewing between guitarist Keith Richards and frontman Mick Jagger is the real deal or a story that may be amped up a bit for publicity’s sake is something that fans will probably debate.

According to the Daily Mail, Jagger is furious with Richards’ alleged plans to dish dirt on the flamboyant frontman in his autobiography that’s set for release in October.

Although there have been questions about the reliability of Keith Richards’ memory, due largely to his own admission that he was having some difficulty recalling events when he began working on the book, people close to Richards report that his memory seems quite intact.

Jagger may not be on board with that conclusion, for obvious reasons. “It will be interesting. I would have thought that you’d actually have to be able to remember your life in order to write about it,” he reportedly said.

Some revelations Richards is including in the book are said to be astonishingly honest, and detail Jagger’s affairs and days of abusing drugs. Some are concerned about the future of the group in light of how upset Jagger is said to be over the new book, which bears the title Life.

Jagger and Richards have known each other since their schoolboy days but have reportedly been drifting apart in recent years after disagreements about issues such as the promotion of their film Stones In Exile.

History proves that this is not the first time the two have had a falling out, but after such a long, wildly-successful and profitable career, some are concerned that a group comprised of guys in their late sixties might call it quits for good.

Richards signed a multi-million dollar deal for the book during 2007 and is apparently quite close to wrapping it up. Jagger considered penning how own autobiography a few years ago but decided against it. Perhaps the content of Richards’ book will inspire him to reconsider that decision and share his version of the story with the world.

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