Joe Perry The Shoe Salesman

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The frustration has apparently gotten to Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry. Admitting that he feels like “a f—ing shoe salesman” in a recent interview, he says he is tired of making excuses for the delays the group has encountered trying to finish up their new album.

First it was knee surgery that sidelined Perry and then frontman Steven Tyler came down with pneumonia. I guess that kind of thing is to be expected when you’re rocking into your late fifties and early sixties. But the bad boys from Boston have no plans to let these bumps in the road keep them out of the studio or off of the stage.Joe Perry's Boneyard Brew Hot Sauce

Perry reports that he knee is doing well and that he has been doing his “bends and dips and bulls— to get it flexible  for the stage.”

It’s not clear when the new Aerosmith album will actually be finished, although Perry was able to finish up work on a solo album he has been recording, which he describes  as “hands and feet better than the last one,” adding that, “I think the last one was really good.” He expects it to be released in early fall.

Perry also confirms some rumors that have been going around regarding Aerosmith’s plans to perform the material from an entire album during their summer tour with ZZ Top. It’s a unique and interesting idea, and I think Perry is right when he talks about the “vibe” that goes along with  hearing an album from beginning to end. I like it.

Among other tidbits from the interview are Perry’s admission that he’s lousy at playing “Guitar Hero” once the material starts getting complicated. He’s quite happy to leave gaming to the gamers.

He’s also planning to expand his food business beyond his hot sauce by introducing a line of macaroni and cheese, which will be called “Rock ‘N’ Roni.” It will be available in four flavors and be made from all-natural ingredients. Joe Perry is obviously a guy that doesn’t like standing still for too long.

Read the entire interview at Entertainment Weekly.

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