Meat Head Impersonates Meat Loaf & Phil Collins Puts Down The Sticks

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Meat Loaf Impersonator Arrested

Perhaps nobody but Eric Brown, 37, of Middletown, KY knows why he thought he could get away with pretending he Taxi Cab was Meat Loaf, but the booking photos make it apparent that the man arrested after grabbing the steering wheel of a taxi he was a passenger in does not look like Meat Loaf.

Although the long hair and stocky build are qualities he has in common with the Meat Loaf of years gone by, anyone familiar with the Bat Out of Hell rocker and actor would know Mr. Brown was not who he claimed to be. For heaven’s sake, Meat Loaf guest hosted on House last season!

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Phil Collins Unable To Play Drums

Best known, perhaps, for his years with prog rock group Genesis, Phil Collins is being forced to take a break from playing drums.

The multi-talented 58-year-old who resides in Switzerland these days, has told a German newspaper that recent surgery to repair a dislocated vertebra in his neck has left him with limited use of his fingers.

Collins reports that the only way he could currently play would be to “glue drumsticks to my hands.”

It appears that the condition is expected to be temporary.

Read more at the Star Tribune.

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