Neil Peart Featured on CBC Television Spot

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One of rock’s best-known drummers, Neil Peart of Rush, was recently featured in a short piece on CBC by Rick Mercer.

What really struck me about the piece was that Peart just seemed like a regular guy off the street. He doesn’t seem that impressed with himself like you might expect a rock star to be and he didn’t seem to be putting on any kind of rock star act at all.

My brother used to be involved in the local music scene around Boston and got to know a guy who was studying engineering (sound) at the time, who has since gone on to be a very successful sound engineer who is in demand by some of the biggest touring acts.

This engineer has had the opportunity to work with Rush and once told my brother that they are all just the nicest, down-to-Earth guys you can imagine. Not the stereo-typical rock star types at all.

Just another reason to be a Rush fan, if you ask me.

Check out the CBC piece on Neil Peart here.

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