‘New’ Van Halen A Reality

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“This is not a reunion. This is a new band.”

Those were he words used by Diamond David Lee Roth when asked at today’s press conference about the absence of former Van Halen bass player Michael Anthony.

It’s official. The boys of Van Halen are back together again, with the exception of Michael Anthony as previously mentioned.vh-logo Eddie’s son Wolfgang will fill Anthony’s slot on bass guitar.

The much anticipated press conference was held in, where else, Los Angeles, and featured much new found love that was being shared between the Van Halen family and Roth, who they were reportedly not getting along with too well over the course of the last 20 years or so.

Beyond the back slapping and hugging that was reported at this press-conference-turned-love-fest, Eddie Van Halen was reported to have referred to Diamond Dave as his “new brother.” Could Eddie’s stay in rehab made that profound a change in the man? Time will tell.

The new tour will hit the road in Charlotte, NC on September 27 and mark the start of a 25-date North American arena tour.

Roth also mentioned that the band is planning a new album.

This is pretty big news for the classic rock world and if these guys can keep it together for a while, they can probably make this thing work and make a big pile of money in the process.

Check out more details in this article.

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  1. cameron November 13, 2010 at 7:11 pm

    Well David was right; it sure as hell WAS NOT a reunion. And I’d like to see how long he’s gonna be able to take three Van Halens in one band……. hell, he was hardly able to take two.

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