Now That’s Just Gross!

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Okay, I’m willing to give credit where credit is due, and the idea that the A&E TV network came up with recently is pretty unique. They have put the Gene Simmons’ mug on a new line of urinal cakes.

For you young ladies out there who might not be familiar with this wonderful invention, it’s basically a hockey puck (usually white) that’s made out of some stuff that’s supposed to smell good, and, presumably lessen the stench that one might be expected to endure while in the process of using a urinal. Think of it as a kind of Airwick for the whizzer.

These things are usually placed right in the bottom of the urinal and can be a temptation for guys who like to engage in a little target practice while answering nature’s call. Personally, I’m not a big fan of these things, since all they seem to do is mix the pungent aroma of the “cake” with the stench it is intended to overcome, and the result it simply a sickening blend of the two, but I digress.

Although it might be viewed as a little self-deprecating, which might be something we might not expect from the likes of Gene Simmons, the idea apparently has his blessing, and these unique promotional items have been strategically deployed in various locations to promote his Family Jewels television show.

Like I said, some credit is due for a unique idea like this, but there is a little problem that may not have been anticipated. People are actually swiping these things! Yeah, I know, who would imagine that someone would want to reach into a urinal and take one of those gems home with them? What are they doing, sticking them in their pockets? Or is it one of those, “Hey Honey, put this in your purse for me, will ya?”

Now if a urinal cake with the likes of Gene Simmons is not temptation enough in its own right, you may be interested to know that these things actually talk. Yep, they are designed to produce the sound of the rocker’s voice when they come into contact with a well-aimed stream. I’m not sure what they say, but I know I could have a little fun coming up with some one-liners for guys who are standing in such a vulnerable position.

Simmons has gotten wind of the popularity these items have earned with restroom thieves and encourages fans to leave them in place for others to enjoy, or at the very least, wash them before taking them. Thanks for the advice, Gene, but I assure you that you do not have to worry about any of those things making their way back to my house!

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