Official Word From Aerosmith: No Break-up

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Well, according to this article in the Boston Globe, the word from Aerosmith representatives is that there is no impending break-up hanging over the classic rock band’s head.

The recent break-up rumors were further fueled by a photo on that featured a picture of Steven Tyler arriving in India with a caption that read “Steven Tyler touches down at the Bangalore airport only to announce that Aerosmith has broken up.”

According to Rolling Stone, it was just a joke that was perpetrated by an intern who was capitalizing on recent rumors that Tyler’s daughter, Liv, was quoted as saying that her dad was not happy about the treatment he was receiving from his long-time bandmates.

I guess that leaves things pretty well as clear as they have been since these rumors started. My experience with rumors suggest that most of the time there is some truth contained within. I’ll keep my ear to the ground and report here if I hear anything else about this.

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