Roger Hodgson Video Interview

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Supertramp fans (like me), may be interested in a video interview with Roger Hodgson that was conducted in the Hard Rock Cafe in Amsterdam. Some of the video work is a bit jumpy, but overall, I thought it was a good interview thanks to Hodgson’s willingness to open up and share his thoughts and feelings openly.breakfastinamerica

The interview is interesting since Hodgson talks a bit about some of the songs he wrote that we probably all think of exclusively as Supertramp songs, but had been written by Hodgson long before he was ever part of the band.

He also talks at length about the reasons behind his departure from Supertramp in 1983. I was lucky enough to catch them on concert in Boston not long before he left the band, so I guess my timing was pretty good for once.

There’s also a glimpse into Hodgson’s ‘spiritual’ side and how that side of him influenced some of the songs that were made famous during his years with Supertramp.

Hodgson obviously still enjoys performing very much and is still at it. It is apparent from the material that he is still doing that he was the main creative force behind Supertramp and remains proud of the music as well as the accomplishments of the band he spent 14 years of his life with.

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