Rolling Stone Wood And Young Russian Lover Still Smitten

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At least that’s what a recent sightings of the couple seem to indicate. Ron Wood, 61-year-old guitar man for the Rolling Stones, and his youthful partner were spied recently enjoying a nice spring day in London.

Wood, who left his wife, former model Jo, after some 23 years of marriage appears to have settled into a comfortable Ron Wood And Ekaterina Ivanova relationship with 20-year-old Ekaterina Ivanova after some nine or so months since the two began seeing each other.

Ivanova’s grandmother had not responded very positively when she first learned of her granddaughter’s relationship with the Rolling Stones icon, but it seems she has softened her position since that time, and now says that she would not be upset if the couple decided to wed.

“If he wants to marry Ekaterina, I would be happy for them,” says grandmother Lyudmila, who currently lives in Kazakhstan.

It’s not hard to understand a 61-year-old man’s attraction to a 20-year-old woman, but the reverse may be a bit harder to believe, and cases like this tend to bring up well-worn clichés like “gold digger” and the like.

Has true love blossomed between Wood and Ivanova? I don’t think anyone could claim that it was an impossibility, and the passing of time should certainly be a good indicator. The answers to the questions about true love in these cases are found only in the hearts and minds of the presumed lovebirds themselves.

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