Rush In The Movies Again

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For the second time this year, a movie is set to be released that features Canadian rock trio Rush. Their music plays a key role in the storyline of the film that is set for a New York release tomorrow. Adventures of Power is a story about a nerdy mine worker who has a passion for playing the drums, but never actually learned how. Instead, the lead character, whose first name is Power, embraced what he sees as the next best thing: Air drumming.

Power, played by Ari Gold, finds inspiration in a hit single by Rush, whose drummer, Neil Peart, is widely acknowledged as one of the world’s best rock drummers. The Sundance Film Festival Guide describes Adventures of Power thusly:

“If you’ve ever heard the classic Rush song ‘Tom Sawyer,’ you may have found yourself flailing your arms in a rhythmic motion known as ‘air drumming.’ Neil Peart, Rush’s legendary drummer, casts a wicked spell, but if you’ve managed to avoid it, or think air drumming isn’t cool, I give you – Power.”

Earlier this year, Rush figured prominently in the plot of a romantic comedy entitled I Love You Man, which starred Paul Rudd, Jason Segel and Rashida Jones.

The cast of adventures of Power is listed as Ari Gold (who also wrote and directed the movie), Michael McKean, Jane Lynch, Adrian Grenier, and Neil Peart.

A look at the trailer (below) suggests that this may be a funny and entertaining flick, and let’s face it, what Rush fan is going to miss a movie that lists Neil Peart among the cast members?

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