Rush R30 Easter Eggs

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There are reports that there are two hidden features or Easter Eggs on the New R30 DVD.

To access them, use following instructions:

The Easter Egg one is on the opening menu. Press the right arrow key on your remote three times and the menu will re-appear with a new option showing: “Rush Hits St. John’s.” Select it and you will be treated to a cool clip.

For the next one, access the interviews section, which you can reach form the main menu. Highlight the Interviews And Anthem Vault selection and then press the right arrow key three times. You will then see a fellow with a broom on the left of the screen turn yellow. Press the enter key on your remote and you will see Alex Lifeson’s interview for Artist Of The Decade.

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  1. jose e lizarraga February 28, 2006 at 8:41 pm

    thanks for the easter egg tips!

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