Rush Sues Florida Cops

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Apparently, Alex Lifeson and his fellow Rush band mates aren’t about to let that nasty incident in Florida a couple of years ago be forgotten.

It is being reported by that the band has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Florida cops that allegedly roughed up Lifeson and his son.

Speaking of rock stars who do not fit the stereotype of hard-partying wild men (see previous post here), Rush has to be the poster kids for good off-stage behavior. How many other bands spend their touring downtime taking French lessons and scouting out dining establishments that serve fine wines?

I’ll grant you that I have never spoken with or met Rush in person, but I have heard enough about them and seen them in a few interviews and I honestly cannot imagine Alex Lifeson starting a physical altercation with the cops.

Since I have had a lot of association with law enforcement in the past (one of my best friends is a state police lieutenant), I can also say they I have heard about and witnessed my share of bad behavior on the part of cops as well. Like any other group of human beings, there are good cops and there are bad cops.

Although it has taken me a while to make up my mind, I have to come down on Lifeson’s side on this one. I’m hoping Rush comes out on the winning side of their lawsuit.

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