Short Interview With Heart’s Ann Wilson

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With the release of her new solo album coming up soon, Ann Wilson has been in the news quite a bit in recent weeks. This brief interview, conducted by telephone from her home near Seattle, appears in The Arizona Republic.

In the interview she talks a little bit about some of the ideas behind her choices for the album and how it reflects her view of the world as it is today. The Iraq war seems to be something that has influenced greatly the process of putting the new album together.

She also talks about her sister Nancy and how they have been able to maintain their relationship through all their years working together with Heart and struggling to make a name of themselves in the early years.

Now if anything can be determined by the picture of Ann on the cover of her new album, it appears as though she may be coming up on the winning side of her lifelong battle with weight. Her decision to opt for surgery a few years ago seems to have paid off.

I happened to see a TV program on one of those health-related cable channels a while back that was all about Ann and her struggles with weight, but I suspect it was a few years old.

Ann Wilson’s new solo album is scheduled for release on September 11. She talks a little bit about the decision to release on that particular date as part of the interview.

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