Styx Still Rocking The Younger Generation

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Apparently, Styx is yet another classic rock group that is surprised by the number of young fans showing up for their shows these days. Not bad for a group that got its start in the early 1970’s.

This surely is not the Styx I remember since it looks like there are only two or three original members left. Still, it’s nice to hear that they have been attracting a younger crowd and it’s not just us old folks who enjoy the music of that era. I have a Styx “Greatest Hits” CD that I still listen to once in a while.

In a recent article, James Young, one of the band’s original members said he thought that the kids who were showing up for their shows may be embracing some of the older music as part of a rebellion against some of today’s more popular music, and I surely would agree with him. Where else can kids go today to escape the crap that passes as music these days?

That’s not to say that there are no good bands emerging any more since I do hear some that actually sound pretty decent once in a while. However, if the stuff I hear so often as part of movies or TV commercials is any indication, it is easy for me to understand why some kids are looking back a few decades for something that actually sounds like music.

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