The Rolling Stones: The Doctors of Music?

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60-year old Sam Carter, a retired baker in the U.K. had slipped into a coma after suffering from severe anemia. The coma had lasted for 10 weeks when doctors suggested to Carter’s wife that she slip a pair of headphones onto him and expose him to some music.

Eva, Carter’s 65-year-old wife accepted the doctors recommendation, and soon Sam Carter was listening to pop music from U.K. radio station Signal 2. Although I suppose we cannot be sure he was actually listening, however, the image musical therapy may have been the key to his recovery.

It took three days, but the song that seemed to strike a vital chord with Carter was the Rolling Stones’ “Satisfaction.” He opened his eyes while the legendary 1965 hit single was piped through his headphones. Although Mrs. Carter really did not expect the music to do much good, much to her surprise, her husband’s eyes opened and he emerged from his coma.

It turns out that “Satisfaction” is a song that Carter has special memories of.

“All I can remember is that when that song came on, it took me right back to when I was a youngster. I could remember how excited I was to get hold of the disc down at the record shop. I suddenly had a burst of energy and knew I had a lot more life left in me and that’s when I woke up – to the sound of the first song I ever bought,” he said.

Given only a 30 percent chance of survival, it seems as if the Stones worked some kind of magic for Sam Carter and it’s something he is certainly grateful for. Reporting that he is now feeling quite fit, Carter publicly thanked Mick Jagger and the rest of the Rolling Stones for aiding his recovery.

With the recent completion of Brian May’s PhD in mind, perhaps an honorary doctorate of medicine should be considered for the Stones in light of their potential rock and roll healing abilities.

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  1. Layla August 10, 2008 at 11:58 pm

    Great story! I am going to make a note of this – if I am ever in a coma I will make a playlist of songs that may snap me out of it!!

    Laylas last blog post..Cal Jams I annd II

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