Van Halen Concert Details Coming Next Week?

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According to, “sources” are reporting that details of the rumored Van Halen concert tour will be revealed during a Hollywood press conference next week.

The tour is reported to be much the way that it has been rumored to be, with David Lee Roth fronting the band with the other original members except for Michael Anthony who will be replaced by Eddie Van Halen’s son Wolfgang on bass guitar.vh

The early October kick-off date is still being talked about with 50 tour dates said to be in the making. The venues are said to be of the arena variety.

It’s going to be interesting to see how things may have changed since the boys last played together. Diamond Dave has to be a bit out of practice and a little less able to bounce around the concert stage as he was known to do in his younger days.

I remember first hearing Van Halen back in the late 1970’s at a nightclub where they would pump music from various rock albums through the band’s PA system before the first set of the night. I sat there with my friends trying to figure out what this crazy stuff was that was being played. It was like, “Wow, who the hell is that?” I’d never heard anyone with a guitar sound quite like that before.

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